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Posted on 2006.01.31 at 10:55
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Posted on 2004.11.27 at 15:24
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p.s j-me has left the building*



Posted on 2004.10.10 at 17:09
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I woke up early to take my SAT’s for one last time… I don’t know why I did because I’m going to a community college anyway… my bro dropped me off at 7:30..I met up with shana, and a couple of people from soces. (at tree #32-24..lol) the room I took the test sucked cuz there was so many distractions. Dogs barking, Indian music, rap music, and it was cold…I had my sweater on…

We went back to shana’s house, chilled, and ordered pizza. Her bro took use to a video store and we rented some movie…jazz bought these shitty gummy bears…it wasn’t her fault…the stupid guy working there said “those r the good gummy bears.” Lol. We went back to sh-na’s house, ate, and then the day was over.


Friday *October* 1, 2004 ((late update))

Posted on 2004.10.06 at 21:26
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Oh man 6 period was funny. I couldn’t stop laughing with shana and Jazz. There isn’t much to say as to what was funny. We tend to find the weirdest most random things funny. It’s funny how we all react to the same things. I said funny like 5 times…Mr. D’s class was pretty cool; we took an extremely easy test. People kept asking him to repeat some questions he had clearly asked …the answers were flagrant, I actually didn’t think half the class would ask him to repeat #’s 1-14 ( I mean we got more than enough time to study during class and he told us every thing that was going to be on it… in fact he read us the exact same questions two days ago…he practically gave us the answers ahead of time…) Jazz and I were like "ugh, uh ,mmm, ugh!" and all those other remarks people have when they are annoyed or pissed off. It got to the point where jazz was heard. Mr. D gave her a disappointed look, but being the clandestine person that she is, she had denied it and played it off well. Haha...I think people noticed it was us, but whatever…pay attention jeez!

After school I went to the Dodgers stadium and let me tell you it’s enormous. It’s so different; I mean you get an incredible sight and a whole different feeling. I watch the dodgers on TV but its nothing compared to actually being there. (Yes I’m a Dodger’s fan and I like baseball.) It’s pretty exciting and there is so much unity. (Unless you’re not a dodger’s fan…lol) so it was cool. Even though the Dodger’s lost to the Giants, I had fun, the hot dogs were yummy, and the environment was great. A lot of guys. This one guy who worked there, I swear looked like Stev-n C. it was so funny because i told my bro "hey that guy looks like Stev-n" and he said "I was just about to say that haha" They’re both in the same mechanics class at pierce. Anyway As I was watching the game I noticed random "boooos!" and "ahaaas!" that had nothing to due with the game. It turned out to be some sort of entertainment people found with beach balls and paper airplanes that were being thrown around. It was pretty distracting yet amusing to watch. I actually missed a good play because I was looking at a stupid beach ball…It was hypnotizing.… Anyway, My dad bought me a t-shirt of Eric Gagne (awesome pitcher) I wanted to see him pitch… he didn’t…that awesome bastard…. lol. My top players would have to be Gagne, Shawn Green, and Jayson W. (he made a kick ass catch) I use to like Lo Duca but he was exchanged. They’re all good but the one’s I mentioned fascinate me the most…plus Green is cute =p.

Well that’s all I have to say for now so until I update again which probably wont be any time soon.

p.s. the Dodger’s won Saturday’s game and are going to the playoff’s so I plan to go see them again. Oh yeah!!!


lost and found

Posted on 2004.08.30 at 15:09
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: modest mouse- ***teeth like god's shoeshine***
i found my flute in the garage...it's been awhile since i have played it. i started out by playing that song from the beastie boys---it goes something like -- "because you can't and you wont and you don't stop"---...oh yeah!



Posted on 2004.08.27 at 21:23
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Current Music: the liars- there's always rm on the broom

Yesterday I went to the doc to have a physical exam…yet again…and everything went well…I always seem to be paranoid when it comes to going to the doc….I got 2 shots…damn …I saw the whole process in action…I felt nothing. After, I went to pierce to pick up my transcript…the line was long as fuck…I guess since school starts on Monday (good luck to my senior friends of 04) So I was standing in line trying to remember my social security # (I eventually did) …I noticed this tall, good looking, Hispanic guy standing next to me…I wanted to say something cuz I was really bored, but I just gazed into space, and was in my own world…then the guy taps me on my back…I was kind of day dreaming still not aware but I turned around anyway…then he started a conversation…he was saying how they should make a separate line for transcripts only---I agreed and from there we just talked. It was pretty interesting, I mean it made time fly…I was standing in line for about an hour but it felt like 15 minutes. Wow he had really nice green eyes and a super attractive smile. I always seem to notice eye’s and smiles 1st…ha I think it’s sexy. So anyway we talked about college...school related I guess, but it was really interesting…It turns out he was a high school teacher…good looking teacher…really young. We talked about art and he was telling me how I can start my own business…he gave me a lot of good advice. So it was finally time to get my transcript…I sort of wanted to keep talking but I had to go. So we say “bye” shake hands and leave. I never did get his name…he got mine…only cuz he asked…sweet guy. When I happen to be in a place where I don‘t know anyone I’m usually kept to my self and sometimes I guess people just feel like talking---- Yea it’s like that guy skeet…jz knows what I’m talking about… Yea so it’s not every day u run into someone interesting…at least from my experience … I’ve only met a few…so far…

p.s. so from what I know shana is in 3 of my classes (English, trig, & service) and jazz is in 3 (art English &service) we are all together in English and service which is so awesome!!! I <3 u guy’s…we all haven’t been together since 9th and 10th grade. Yea it sucks cuz joc & terry are not in any that I know of…maybe art…I haven’t heard from anyone else …

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the doors

Posted on 2004.08.13 at 15:28
Current Mood: artisticartistic
Current Music: Alabama Song ( Whisky Bar)


oh yeah!! Jimmy Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, and John Densomre

Posted on 2004.08.10 at 12:39
Current Mood: sillysilly
hahahaha I was at my mom's work and (she works at a school) all of a sudden Mr. Quintanilla walks in. The first thing that comes to my head is "gorilla" "banana"- stated by funny guy Ian...hahahaha


24 Hours

Posted on 2004.08.05 at 19:18
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: Gunboats
I read this book about this 17 year old dude that is introduced to a world he never knew existed...he goes to a party and basically has a hangover throughout the whole book...eh it was interesting but it got kinda cheesy towards the end...the other characters made it corny...it pissed me off.

P.S. For some strange reason I read this book in 2 days...whoa!



Posted on 2004.07.27 at 22:35
Current Mood: eh
I went to Sea World...and i guess it was ok...it beats staying at home. Although Sea World appears to be this big fun place...it really isn't...I mean there isn't much to do...it looks better on T.V...Anyway i met four shamus, lol yeah the killer whales were cool. I honestly think all the "sea creatures" need bigger and better tanks...the best performance was done by the sea lions...their really talented. I gotta say the dolphins sucked! They do a much better job at Las Vegas...but they're cool anyway. I think if i would have gone when i was younger, i would have it enjoyed more...thats the great thing about being a kid..you look forward to all the magical and fruitful events..i mean when i found out santa claus wasn't real, my whole world was torn apart...lol haha i dont remember how i felt but i know i was pissed off or sad..lol stupid santa and his fake self lol. But once you grow out of that you get a different feeling..its meaningless...or at least thats how i feel...
P.S...i liked the car ride..i always listen to my CD player in the car..oh man, oh man do i love my CD player! Its always been there for me..lol. The only time i take my headphones off is when my parents bust out "The Doors"...thats the one thing we all agree on...

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